Youth Basketball Drills

Youth basketball drills are highly needed in basketball camps. In this article you will find an explanation of one of those drills. This drill requires at least 10 players to as many as 50 players.


There are only two teams. Typically this drill is ran when many players are involved. And normally the two teams are shirts vs skins. Shirts meaning this team plays with their shirts on and the other team plays without their shirts on. Both teams start a line where the sideline and half court line meet. And the line will go in the direction of the baseline going along the sideline. For the sake of explaining the drill in an easier fashion, when deciding which team starts with the ball, flip a coin. Who ever wins the coin toss starts with the ball.


youth basketball drillsLet’s say the Shirts win the coin toss and they start with the ball. The first three players in line for the Shirts will line up along the half court line facing the basketball hoop. Another two more teammates from Team Shirts stand in the key behind the three Shirts that are on offense. The first two players in line for the Skin team will defend against the three man offensive team standing at half court.


BUT, once the coach blows the whistle for the drill to start, the offensive team has to score a basket as soon as possible. Also, once the drill starts one more teammate of Team Skins that is next in line can run in to help. But the player must run to the center of the half court line first before going in to help play defense.
The goal of the offensive team is to score before the third defender runs in to help his or her team. Now let’s say the offensive team is unable to score before the third defender comes to help. The three on three mini scrimmage will continue until either one of two things happen.


In case scenario 1:
If the offensive teams scores (Team Shirts). The offensive team get’s off the court and goes to the end of their line and wait until their turn to run in and play defense. The defensive team (Team skins) that did not stop the offensive team from scoring will take the ball out. This defensive team (Team Skins) now turns into an offensive one. They are to sprint to the other side of the court to score as soon as possible before the third defender of Team Shirts comes in to help play defense. While Team Skin is on offense.


In case scenario 2:

If Team Skins stops Team Shirts from scoring (either by getting the rebound or causing Team Shirt a turnover) Team Skins is now on offense to try to score on the other end of the basketball court.


In either case scenario 1 or 2:

While Team Skins runs up the court to score the previous offensive team (Shirts) get’s off the court to wait in line until it is their turn to come into the game. Also, While Team Skins is trying to score, two more teammates of Team Skin will jog onto the court and stands ready in defensive mode until Team Shirts comes back on offense.


When either team is on offense. The last defender waiting at the half court line can not start to run in until the offensive team crosses half court. As mentioned in another basketball shooting drill this drill can be competitive where which ever team loses, they have to run suicides.


Youth Basketball Drills Summary:

This drill is mostly a hustle drill and a fast break drill. This is to put basketball players in situations where there is little time to think and take action. This applies from both an offensive and defensive perspective. From a defensive perspective it is to train players to know what to do when outnumbered on a fast break.


As for the defender who needs to run to center half court, needs to learn how to get comfortable sprinting to help his or her teammates when the defenders are outnumbers. Even the players on the sidelines can learn to strategize with each other and learn from the players on the court. They can critique each other’s performance and give advice to each other and build trust.