Youth Basketball Dribbling Drills

If you are looking for more youth basketball dribbling drills then you have come to the right place. For in this drill all you need is a basketball. You do not need a basketball court for this drill but it is recommended. This is a “Change in Direction” drill. For starters, you can walk and dribble with your dominant hand. Then you will move forward in a diagonal fashion. So start from the corner of the basketball court and dribble to the elbow of the free throw line. If you do not know what the “Elbow is please see definition below and refer to picture in this article.

Basketball Vocabulary Elbow: “The far side of the free throw line”.

Once you get to the elbow, cross over to your in front of you to your off hand and dribble to the side line in a diagonal direction from the elbow. Once you get to the sideline, cross back over to your dominant hand and continue to move in a diagonal direction towards the half court line. Once you like up with the elbow again, cross over back to your off hand. You will keep this diagonal motion all the way to the baseline.

Youth Basketball Dribbling Drills

You are to practice this as mention in a previous this dribbling drill article, that you must do this drill without looking down. So if you cross over the ball hits your shoe then simply get the ball and start from where you made your mistake and continue the drill until you get to the baseline.

Once you have gained enough confidence in crossing over in front of you, do this drill with a different cross over. So instead of a normal cross over, once you get to the elbow, dribble through your legs as you change direction. Once you got that down, do the drill while doing a behind the back cross over.


Youth Basketball Dribbling Drills: Challenge

Now, make sure you have stretched and warmed up your legs before doing the following. Like all drills they are best ran in real time. So, now do all of what was mentioned previously in this article at full speed.

Dribble at full speed to the elbow and cross over and dribble at full speed to the sideline. Repeat this drill until you feel confident with yourself doing this drill at full speed. To add more realism to the drill, have a friend or family member pretend to be a defender. They should not try to steal the ball from you.

They should just move at full speed with you and stay with you as you change directions. With that being said, this makes for a good drill to add to a set of basketball conditioning drills for players who are both on offense and defense.

Once a player has done the drill from one baseline to another. The player on offense will play defense as the other player is on offense doing the same drill from one baseline to the other. This is one of the fundamental basketball drills in the game of basketball. So get comfortable for the more you practice this drill, the more you can handle yourself in a real basketball game.