Basketball Shooting Drills For A Team

Team Basketball Drills (6 people minimum needed)

This drill is a quick shooting drill and it can also be used as a pre-game warm up drill. You will need two basketballs for this basketball shooting drillCreate two lines at the baseline that line up under the block. Either line can start first.


basketball shooting drillsFirst the second person in both lines will hold the basketball. One of the the players that are first in line will run up and around the block to the other block. The player that is holding the basketball will pass the ball to the player that is approaching the block. After the player passes the ball, he or she will then run around the player and run to the other block to receive a pass and shoot at the block.


Next, as these two players shoot at the block, everyone will shoot at the block. Taking turns of course. When all players have gotten a chance to shoot at the block, the same process will still be applied but now the players will shoot at the first peg. The drill can be repeated again at the second and third peg. And finally the drill will be run one last time as the players will shoot at the elbow.


This is a great drill that get’s the players’ leg warm and arms. It provides a balance of practice shooting for both the Big Men and shooters on your team. The close range shoots can help remind the shooters that it is okay to use the backboard every now and then. And shooting at the elbow provides a good shooting distance for Big Men to develop more confidence to shoot jump shots since they do spend most of their time close to the basket.


This also can be used a solid basketball passing drill since it is mentioned in the passing drill article that shooters have their percentages lowered due to receiving a bad pass. So this drill will help continue and encourage this teaching to young players who don’t value good passing techniques.


Also, this is a drill that little kids can use and this drill is even used on high school basketball teams. So feel free to recycle this drill as many times as possible. For it does keep everyone involved and helps build motivation to those who still lack that either in practice or in a real game.


Don’t forget trust is also a factor in good chemistry for a basketball team. Players can learn each other from how they like to receive a pass, when to receive a pass and so on and so forth. Feel free to encourage players to talk to each other during this drill. Have them practice calling for the ball before they square up to shoot.


Though simple, there is a lot that can be accomplished with this drill and should be practice at least once a week. Not to mention this is a good drill to do if you or your teammates have been lifting weights before doing basketball  shooting drills.