Basketball Conditioning Drills

Basketball conditioning drills are needed throughout both the off season and during basketball season. Since there can never be enough conditioning, this drill can be ran during any season. As well as practices and pregame warm ups. To do this drill you will need the following:

  • At least five players
  • Three basketballs
  • Half court (can be done full court)

This basketball shooting drill can be done with as many as 15 players. This drill can also be done either on a half court or full court. When 10 or more players are present it is best to use a full court than half court. This article will break down this drill in both a half curt scenario and a full court scenario. If you need the full court scenario, please scroll further down this article until you see, “Full Court Version



Have three players start at the baseline. Preferably have two players that line up with the three point line and have a player standing under the basketball hoop. Before you continue reading this article, if you are not familiar with the three man weave, please refer to the “Three Man Weave” article.


Next, Have the player standing under the basketball start with the basketball. Also, the two players standing next in line that are standing at the three point line must have a ball in their hands as well. Let the first group of three players run the three man weave to the half court line.

Basketball Conditioning Drills

Who ever has the ball when this group get’s to the half court line will dribble back to the basketball hoop to score a lay up. Once the layup is scored. The ball is passed to the next player standing under the basketball hoop who is ready to start the next three man weave. The remaining players who do not have a ball will run towards the baseline. While doing so they will call out to the players at the baseline for a pass. Once the pass is made the players will shoot a jump shot. The players that shoot these jumpshots are responsible for getting their own rebound.


Once these two players have shot the ball. The next three man squad will start the three man weave to the half court line and implement the drill as described above. ***NOTE*** players who shoot jumpshots during his drill must get the rebound and pass it to the players waiting at the baseline so they can make the pass to the team that is currently running the three man weave. So this is also a hustle drill as well.

Full Court Version (Six basketballs are needed as well as two basketball hoops)

Here is the setup for the full court version. Have three lines along the baseline on each ends of the basketball court. The middle line is under the basketball hoop. One line is lined up with the three point line. And another line at the other end of the three point line. The first person in the middle line has a basketball in their hands. Have one team of three players run a three man weave all the way to half court.


Basketball Conditioning Drills
Who ever has the ball at half court dribbles to the basket for a lay up. The two players who do not have a basketball will run towards the baseline calling to the players for the ball. They will receive a pass to shoot a jump shot. The players who shoot the jumpshot are responsible for getting their own rebound. The players who made the pass for their teammates to shoot a jumpshot are now ready to run a three man weave to the other side of the basketball court.


This team will run the three man weave to half court and implement the drill as described above.


Options to add to this drill.


One way to make this drill more competitive is to have two sets of teams of at least five players start on opposite sides of the full court. Start the drill and have at least two more people on the sidelines keep count of baskets made. So one person count one team’s baskets made. And have the other person keep count for the other team.


Whichever team scores the most points after 10 or 15 mins of running this drill wins. The team who loses has to run at least 2 suicides. (30 second suicides if running this drill with high school students). For a bonus difficulty, anyone who misses a layup has to do ten pushes during the drill.


For another bonus difficulty for the point guards, when they receive the basketball they musts core the layup with 5 dribbles. (3 dribbles if working with high school students). This will encourage point guards to push themselves to get as far as they can with their dribble. This is to also discourage point guards from wasting their dribble as well.

Basketball Conditioning Drills: Summary

Since there are many aspects to this drill, a lot can be learned from this drill. This makes a solid passing drill, from the aspect of passing to a shooter as well as during the three man weave. Players calling for the ball encourages players to talk to one another in practice so they grow comfortable talking to each other during real games.


This also makes for an excellent basketball shooting drill since practicing jumpshots are involved. This is even a great shooting drill for layups because coaches can also encourage players to make the lay up with their least strongest hand.


This is also makes for a good conditioning drill especially when this drill is ran full court. The conditioning results improve even more so when players are teamed up against each other. For it adds the sense of urgency to not only run the drill quickly but also be more focus to make the shot.


As mentioned in other articles keeping, kids motivated and engaged is key to developing a good basketball team. This drill provides this as well. If you feel as a coach that your team is not ready to be challenged against other teammates. Avoid turning this drill into a competition.


But if you feel the need for more competitive drills this drill is for you. And as a coach if you feel your team need more basketball conditioning drills, this works as well. For the amount of running involved running this drill full court and the team that loses who has to run suicides will get a high amount of conditioning in this drill.