About the Author

This website is written by a basketball player who has played the game for over 10 years. I grew up playing basketball as early as six years old. So when you read the articles on this website, these are drills I’ve done myself either at home, school or drills I practiced at sports camps. I do have a little bit of coaching for I did coach as a volunteer at old grade schools I use to attend.


I did play the game to win but I always played for the fun of it. My mindset was to see how much I could push myself and see what I could accomplish. This felt like an easy goal to accomplish in every basketball game I played in. For there’s enough pressure on us to do good in a basketball game let alone strive to achieve certain stats.


I did play ball in high school. I worked my way all the way up from freshman team to junior Varsity to Varsity. I even found myself as a captain of the varsity team as well. I was rewarded MVP my senior year from my coach and I was awarded second team All-league player as well. Before I won these awards I won Most Improved player from freshman team all the way up to Varsity. I say that because being awarded most improved proves that you did all you could to improve yourself which a coach can always appreciate on any level of basketball.


I did try out in college but I did not make the team, not due to lack of skills but because I had the height of a point guard and the weight of a big man. The coach couldn’t find a place where I could fit in. And so, that is how my basketball career came to an end.


So I figure I make a website to share with upcoming kids who may be looking to be coached the way i wished I was coached as a kid. You will not find any egotistical content here for I wasn’t that type of player. You will find content on how you can connect with your teammates better so I used the self-taught tactics to connect and form great friendships with the many teammates I had in preseason, regular season and postseason.


A little more about me, you could say I’m still young because I’m far from being called an old geezer. I can still ball. I’m far from the fitness level I used to be in but my wisdom and understanding of the game are still sharp. What I say on this website is not law. It is for you to gain a better understanding of what you are capable of and how you can use your talents to help your team win games. I even hope to inspire you to come up with your own drills, mindset and work out routine that works best for you.


Either you are a beginner or a player trying to find what’s missing in your game to take you to the next level. I hope you find what you are looking for here on this website. Stay true to yourself and have fun.


Peace and love