3 Man Weave

Basketball Passing Drill: 3 Man Weave

One of the simple basketball drills is the 3 man weave. This drill encompasses three good things for young basketball players.

  • Good Spacing
  • Good Passing
  • Good Coordination

Before those three points are explained in the summary of this article, let’s go into how to do the 3 man weave.

First, preferably have basketball player with the ball start under the basketball hoop. And have a basketball player standing on opposite sides of the three point line. The basketball player under the hoop can pass to either side. But once the pass is made, the player has to quickly run behind the person the player just passed to.

The basketball player that received the ball has to two steps to make a good pass to the teammate on the opposite side of the court. And as mentioned before, once the pass is made that player must run behind the person who just received the pass.

Once, the third player has received the ball, the player that started the drill should be in position to receive the ball again and then make a pass to the next teammate. See picture illustrated below.

3 man weave, three man weave

This drill is repeat and ran full court. And as an option, the coach can have the players score a lay up at the end of the drill. There are variations to this drill so free feel to scroll down this article for more variations.


3 Man Weave: (Tight)

The drill is ran normally but instead of having the players starting further apart, the players are to stand in the following positions. The block, under the hoop and on the other block. The three man weave is to be ran within the space of the key. And this is to be maintained as the drill is ran to the other side of the court.This makes the players be quick on their toes. This is also good basic training for using screens while running plays.


3 Man Weave: (Conditioning style)

This variation of the drill makes the drill more taxing on the body. For instead of the players, running behind the next player. When the pass is made, the player must run to the sideline before being ready to receive the pass.

So the three players will be zigzagging from side line to side line for an extra challenge.


3 Man Weave: ( 5 man style aka 5 man weave)

This drill is ran normally but ran with five people instead of three. So instead of running behind one person. The players must run behind two people before being ready to receive a pass. This doesn’t particularly make the drill harder but it does make the players be more conscious of following instructions and practice spacing with playing with teammates in a real game.



Spacing is everything in the game of basketball. Players can’t shoot nor drive to the basket if everyone is crowding that one player. So keeping the floor open and spacious is key. The three man weave helps develops these habits. Especially the five man weave version of this drill.


This is a basketball passing drill, so having players call out for the ball during this drill is good. And players practicing making passes to moving targets with other players on the floor are great as well. Players should have their hands up ready to receive the ball. And if you ask some coaches, the coaches want the players to pass the ball to another players’ head hoping it hits them in the head so they learn to always have their hands up when receiving a pass.


Good coordination is key in basketball as well. So when running by players, communicating with them on the floor is all part of this. So if a player is unsure what to do, other players can talk to them during the drill to keep the drill looking flawless. All these skills can be applied in a real game.