Easy Basketball Drills For Beginners

Fun Finesse Fundamentals

Here at easy basketball drills for beginners, you will find simple lessons on drills that kids and young adults can practice to improve their basketball skills. Either you are a big man, shooting guard to small forward. You will be able to find solid lessons on how to improve your game.


Nearly all lessons are free to do and only require a basketball or two. The mission is to provide lessons that can be applied to individuals or those who seek to practice in a group. Hopefully you will find the instructions educational and helpful enough for you to develop your own drills that suits your skills and abilities.


Basketball shooting drills may vary for the individual player. Such as shooting guard to centers. There will be multiple parts to these particular drills. so if a continuation of a post is not live, please wait until it has been published. So feel free to check back to this website for new basketball drills! Practice makes perfect but be sure you are not practicing the wrong thing! So expect to find other advice on improving your game outside of the topics mentioned in the articles that can be found here.

You may also find NBA legends mentioned on this website that have executed some of these drills flawlessly. Which in turn made them either All Stars, MVPs or Hall of Famers. So please pay attention, read carefully and also do your own research on how improve your game.

This is not a website to be the end to all your research on the game of basketball. But hopefully you find this website educational enough to be a vital source of information worth using, sharing with friends and ultimately paying this website another visit.


You will also find basketball conditioning drills but the main goal of the drills are used to improve your game not to replace workout regiments. If you are looking for exercising drills you may not find what you are looking for here.


Drills mentioned on this website are based off of the fundamentals of basketball. For fundamentals are the key to  combat those who may not be as athletic as of basketball players. If you are already athletic, adding these fundamentals will make you use your athleticism more wisely.


If this interests you, then feel free to see the articles mentioned here and enjoy. This is not a website to replace getting mentored from basketball players in either college or on the professional level. Nor is this website here to replace advice from your coaches.


If you are a new coach seeking new or solid basketball drills for kids. Feel free to use these lessons to develop your own program of drills for kids. For some of the drills mentioned on this website have been used by other coaches in the past.


If you do want to mention the lessons on this website elsewhere on the web, please mention this website when sourcing your information. Thank you kindly from one basketball lover to another. Remember to  always respect the game, your teammates, coaches and most importantly yourself.